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Technics 1210

Pro DJ Repairs recommend that a Technics Turntable be serviced every 12 months, for average use, or 6-9 months for heavy use to maintain its operations to like new standards.

Full Service - £50

  • Tone arm Adjustment
  • Exterior Cabinet Cleaning
  • Channel Contact Cleaning
  • Re calibration of Zero Point
  • Lubrication of Turntable Platter Assembly
  • Re calibration of Pitch Scale to Factory Setting
  • Cleaning & Lubrication of all Control Switches
  • Gimble Bearing Lubrication (lateral & vertical)
  • Motor & Motor Spindle Cleaning & Lubrication
  • Setting Cartridge Tracking Force (cartridge must be inc.)
  • Custom Setting of Anti - Skating (cartridge must be inc.)
  • Reapplication of Heat Sink Compound to Power Supply Transistor
  • Cleaning & De oxidation of All 5 Printed Circuit Boards
    1. Main Drive Board
    2. RCA to Tone arm
    3. Pitch Control VR
    4. Speed Controls
    5. Power Supply
  • Complete rebuild of Pitch Control Assembly. 9 times out of 10, your current pitch can be salvaged by a complete rebuild and clean! We clean and Deoxidise all contacts and Internal Circuit runs and remove factory grease and Re lubricate with much better Teflon Lubrication.
    We also offer a FREE Zero Point Click Removal & Quartz lock Disable upgrade if you require with this service. This enables you to mix freely around the pitch “Zero” pitch unlike before just like you can on the Mk3 and Mk5 models already.

Service Add-Ons

  • New Technics Pitch Fader Knob – Add £12
  • New Technics Pop up Bulb – add £15
  • New Technics Locking Tone arm rest – add £15
  • New Technics 1200/1210 Silver/Black Pitch Trim – Add £15
  • New Rotary Power On/Off Knob – Add £15
  • New Technics Pitch Control Slider Fader– add £25


Cable Modifications & Improvements

New High Quality Oxygen Free Cables with Gold Connectors and New Earth Lead - £35 per Turntable or Only £25 when ordered with the Full Service

We recommend that you upgrade the stock RCA/Phono leads on your turntable as they are of poor quality and will not do your music any justice.

We can fit High Quality Oxygen Free pair of RCA cables with High Quality Gold Connectors for optimum performance to your turntable. They are also extra long at 2.25 Meters compared to the 1.25 Meters you get with the standard cables which are not long enough for set ups with CD Decks in between the turntables and the mixer.

This also includes a Brand new 2.25 Meter Earth lead.

Replacement Mains Power Lead - £25 per Turntable or only £15 when ordered with the Full service

We can replace your original Mains Power lead if your current one is looking worn, kinked, or damaged for a thicker higher quality lead.

















Technics 1210 Pitch







Technics Phono Lead