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Pioneer CDJ 1000 CDJ 800

Pro DJ Repairs can offer servicing for all CDJ type decks including the CDJ 800 Mk I & Mk II & the CDJ 1000 Mk I, Mk II & Mk III

Full Service - £45 per deck

  • Full Update of System Software (if needed)
  • Blow out all of the accumulated dirt and debris from unit
  • Clean the PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) using a chemical cleaner bath
  • Disassemble the laser lens assembly and professionally clean the laser lens using factory PIONEER cleaner and cleaning cloths
  • Lubricate the lens drive motor as well as the CD insert / eject mechanism
    using factory PIONEER supplied lubricants
  • Clean out all control switches and rotary variable resistors
  • Re calibrate the master tempo (Pitch) to factory recommended setting
  • Clean and de oxidize all RCA signal outputs - Analog & Digital
  • Reassemble the unit and thoroughly test each function via factory SERVICE mode checking the following areas
  1. Checking & Updating software for MAIN / SUB / DRIVE
  2. Check and report error history
  3. Check all control buttons and display functions
  4. Checking load on JOG dial
  5. Checking operation of player simple substance in " Player" and "Test" modes

Full Jog Wheel Platter Service (Inc With Full Service):

  • Cleaning of JOG Sensor Wheel
  • Cleaning of Platter Sensor Switch
  • Cleaning of Platter Bearing Assembly
  • Cleaning & Re lubrication of JOG A and JOG B Rollers
  • Retentioning of Platter springs

Service Add-ons:

We can replace the two heavily used switches (Play & Cue) onto the control circuit board using new factory parts. If you can’t “feel” the switches “click” anymore or the deck stops for no reason than you will need this doing.

  • Cue/Play Switches Replaced – £25 per deck or Only £15 with Full Service